We currently offer 2 different paper types, each offering different qualities and strengths.


Our most popular paper type. A softly-textured paper with sharp print definition, vibrant colours and a satin finish. It’s wipe clean and kind on the environment. Our medium paper is a non-woven paper, breathable by nature and stronger gram for gram than standard papers. 45cm wide strips. Easy installation and DIY friendly. Great for low-medium traffic areas, homes and to add that little bit of wow.

Repeat Pattern Rolls

A selection of our patterned designs are sold in 10m repeat pattern rolls, providing for an easy, traditional installation. All of these are printed on our medium paper, so boast the same qualities. You will see a calculator on each of our designs that are offered as repeat pattern wallpapers to help you decide how many rolls you need.


Our heavy paper is a paper-backed vinyl offering superior durability. It’s embossed, canvas like surface provides a soft print definition and cleverly disguises knocks and scratches. The vinyl top layer makes it wipe clean, strong against greasy spills and prevents stains. The overlap and splice installation method means tight, clean seams. Equal width strips of up to 1.2m wide means less seams. A great choice for areas prone to spills, scuffs and scratches such as kitchens, playrooms and commercial spaces.


If you would prefer to see and feel the paper to make your decision we would be happy to send some samples of your choice:

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