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How Much Does a Custom Printed Wall Mural Cost?
How Much Does a Custom Printed Wall Mural Cost?

Discover how much it costs to order a custom print in this helpful guide.

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Not only do we offer thousands of unique murals, but we can also offer a custom design option. Our murals are priced depending on the size of your order and the quality of paper you desire. Please get in touch with our team at [email protected] with your wall dimensions so we can give you a quote.

We can make custom changes to most of our designs, we can also use images that you provide* and we can even offer a custom design creation service. **

You can contact us via our bespoke design form and we request that you include the below:

Wall width and height, preferred paper type and a brief description of your custom mural request. One of our Customer Service team will then be in touch to help you bring your dream space to life.

*These must be hi-res images - Generally, we'd require a minimum of 300dpi at full size, however, this can vary from image to image depending on the clarity of the original, as well as other factors. We do hold an account with so if there is anything of interest on there, let us know and we can work on this for you.

**For a custom design that requires a large amount of design work, we do charge a custom design fee which will be included within your quote but the vast majority of custom work we carry out is free of charge. Our team will let you know if any extra charges are applicable.

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