Creating spaces that are kind to people and the planet is central to everything we do.

We all know we can be doing better to live and work more sustainably, so we’ve committed to continually reviewing the environmental impact at each stage of our product lifecycle to ensure we’re doing it as responsibly as possible.

We’ve partnered with carbon offsetting experts BeZero, to review our current carbon emissions. We’ve been carbon neutral since 2020 (hooray!) and we are on track to becoming carbon negative from 2022. This means we’ll not only be offsetting our carbon emissions but helping to remove even more carbon from the atmosphere.

So for every wallpaper order we print and ship, we are removing double the amount of CO2 from the atmosphere to the amount we emit.

We’ve always cared about our environmental impact. Since we were founded in 2010, we’ve kept sustainability front of mind in every element of our work. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved so far, but know there is lots more to do.

Products & materials

The paper we use is FSC certified and our inks and toners are non-toxic.

By April 2022, we’ll deliver your wallpaper in 100% plastic-free packaging.

Distribution & storage
As we print our wallpaper to order, we don’t need big warehouses to store stock. This means we create very little waste and don’t use excess energy, woohoo! Read more on this below.

Using the DHL Go Green offset programme, we offset our largest carbon contributor (the emissions from distributing our products) and are investing in projects that strive to address carbon emissions through avoidance.

Energy & waste
We use 100% renewable energy in our office, including to power our website servers.

We recycle our ink cartridges to stop them ending up in landfill and we’re constantly reviewing our use of plastics to reduce and remove them completely where possible.

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